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  • International projects always overrun. How do you cope with delays?
  • We have been testing this service all over the world for many months. We are usually able to respond well within our stated timeframes. Some tips to help avoid any delays include being flexible with your diary in the days after your order so that we can meet quickly AND having detailed information on hand when we meet so that we can gather all the facts we need.
  • Who should attend the first meeting from our side?
  • Typically we find that a combination of HR and Finance staff work well at the first meeting, but this is not essential. The main requirement is that your attendees are familiar with the details of your overseas project, the staff who will be working there and the duties they will undertake. We often also ask about your organisation's full range of activities in the country concerned. It is not essential to have all the answers immediately, but your team should be able to get us any answers to outstanding questions as soon as possible.
  • What questions will you ask us at the first meeting?
  • Please refer to our answer on who should attend this meeting. This is a good guide based on our experience, but the precise questions will vary according to the exact nature of your project.
  • What if we have more than one option how we can setup?
  • We may determine that you have more than one option for setting up and operating overseas, e.g. you may be able to setup either a branch or a limited liability entity. In these cases we will outline the options that you can decide between and we will guide you on the key pro's and con's. We will then ask you to involve your own experts or advisers who have detailed knowledge of your organisation's affairs to make a fully informed choice. If you do not have the right advisers to make this decision, we can recommend partners who will be able to help you.


  • How do we contract with you and your partners?
  • In our Set Up and Operate service, you will contract with Galvin for project management and overseeing of services from our partners.You will contract with our in-country partners for the set up and ongoing services in each country such as legal entity creation, taxation services, etc.
  • How does invoicing work?
  • You will receive an invoice from Galvin to cover your upfront online payment. After this, you will in due course receive invoices from our in-country partners directly for the work they carry out on your set up and ongoing services. Invoicing and payment terms vary from country to country and we expect you to be able to comply with our partners' reasonable local terms. We can advise you if you feel any terms are unreasonable or if you wish to negotiate certain terms.
  • Can you provide consolidated invoicing?
  • If you have particular invoicing needs, for example you require consolidated invoicing across multiple countries, please advise us while we are gathering information. This could affect the type of solution we offer you. For example, it could lead to us recommending a global payroll solution for you rather than an in-country payroll provider.
  • I have "red line" terms and conditions. Can your in-country partners support these?
  • If you have particular requirements which are non-negotiable, e.g. global policies on payment terms or anti-corruption, please advise us while we are gathering information. This could affect the type of solution we offer you as we will endeavour to find an in-country partner who can meet these requirements above.
  • Can we get a refund if we change our mind and our project does not go live?
  • For the fees you pay to Galvin, please see our answer on cancellation and termination. At our discretion, we may elect to refund all or part of your Year 1 fee depending on the exact stage and level of preparation we have incurred. For the fees you pay to our in-country partners, any cancellation-related items will be determined by the contracts you agree with them.


  • What languages do you support?
  • We use English as the basis for all our communications. We insist that our in-country partners can communicate with you in English. Our partners speak multiple languages and you can choose to communicate with them in a different language once recurring operations start.
  • Do you provide other services?
  • In addition to our Expansion Needs Report and Set Up and Operate Service, we can provide bespoke consultancy projects and other types of assistance. Please contact us for details.
  • We are a service provider. Are you interested in partnering with us?
  • We have many excellent relationships with other service providers and we are always interested in developing new partnerships. Many service providers use us to help their clients in locations which they cannot service themselves. Please contact us for more details.
  • Can our firm become one of your in-country partners?
  • Check out our partner criteria on our About Us page to find out if you have what it takes to be a successful member of our network. If so, then please contact us for more details.

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