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Galvin International Partners

How we Charge:

 Galvin International charge a fixed fee for our services. You pay in advance online and we deliver the service to you.

Our local partners charge you their regular fees, which are determined by your specific situation.

We provide you with a fully costed proposal before you commit.

No matter how much your business grows with our local partner in your chosen country, Galvin International’s fee stays the same.


Calculate your total setup and ongoing costs in 3 easy steps:

  1.  For the fees for Galvin’s services, see below. 
  2. For the fees for our partners, see typical prices for your chosen country by selecting it from our locations menu.
  3. For an indication of the full costs of setting up and managing in your chosen country, simply add Galvin and our partner’s fees together.

What our services cost**

Expansion Needs Report

A  detailed report and clear recommendation telling you, based on your specific situation:

  • what you will need to set up in the chosen country covering, where applicable, legal, accounting, banking, tax, HR and payroll requirements
  • the partner firm(s) we recommend to help you in your chosen country
  • how long you can expect the set up to take
  • how much it will cost to set up and manage your ongoing operation.
Not applicable
Set up & Operate Service
  • Set up : your business structure set up in your selected country that is fully compliant with all legal, accounting, banking, tax, HR and payroll  requirements. Galvin International provide project management and our partner(s) deliver on-ground services.
  • Year 1: Your business managed efficiently on an ongoing basis to ensure it is in full compliance. Our partner(s) deliver the on-ground services while Galvin International oversee the management of these services and  provide any additional support or guidance you require.
Set up: £750/$975
Year 1: £750/$975
Total: £1,500/$1,950
As specified by our local partners on a case-by-case basis.
** All prices exclude sales tax/VAT